A Traditional Christmas

Holly Pearson and lakecentralnews

Families set up trees, lights and decorations to celebrate one day every year- Christmas.  Everyone celebrates the joyous holiday in their own way. Savannah Curatolo’s (11) family does it traditionally each year.
“Usually a week after Thanksgiving we decorate outside and we always put a tree up. It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without it,” Curatolo said.
The preparation for Christmas is important, but the main event is always the actual day.
“We do the whole presents under the tree thing in the morning. When me and my sister were younger it was a big deal,” Curatolo said.
After the morning is over, the preparation for the rest of the day starts.
“If we have the whole family over at our house, the rest of the day is crazy because my mom has to cook and all that stuff,’ Curatolo said.
After all the preparation people put into Christmas, the day ends before you know it and all that is left is to wait again for the following year.