Humanity Building Happy Habitats


Members listen as vice president Madeline Mahoney (10) talks about the club. This was the club’s second active year.

Emily Pederson

On Wednesday, Sept. 7,  Habitat for Humanity had their first callout meeting of the year. The club focuses on volunteer work and assisting the people in need.

“[Habitat for Humanity] is a good way to get involved in the community and help the less fortunate,” said Madeline Mahoney (10) the vice president of the club.

This is the second year Habitat for Humanity is a Lake Central club. The club has been put different types of advertising up around to school to catch students eyes.

“I heard [about the club] on the announcements, and I saw posters for it. I knew this was a good club, and it [would] look good for college” said Mahoney.

The club’s main goal is to build homes for the homeless. They build the houses from scratch, and everyone works together to accomplish what they set out for.

“Throughout the [school] year we volunteer, and in the summer we go help with building the houses, painting and anything else we can,” said Hallee Agelson (10) another team leader.