Captivating Choir Concert


Da Capo member Caleb Zapata (11) sings with soul at the choir concert during the song “Little Darlin’.” Zapata is also a member of the Concert Choir.

Sofia Hay, Author

The evening of Thursday, Oct. 13 began with the ringing of handbells reverberating about the auditorium, creating a beautiful melody for all to enjoy. A short while later, the calm hush over the audience was broken by applause as the first performance of the night came to an end. The fall concert that students of the choral department have been working towards for the first few months of school thus far had commenced.

“I think bells did really good. There were some mistakes, but it’s hard for the audience to tell. We definitely did our best that we could have done. I liked ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ the first song, [because it] is really challenging. There’s only nine of us, so it was even harder because we have people who were playing two octaves of bells, and that’s something that we have never done before,” Maya Tobin (12) said.

The night took an upbeat turn with the all-male group Da Capo’s rendition of “Hey There Delilah,” which was accompanied by guitars and a ukulele. The melodies continued with performances from the Concert Choir, Varsity Choir, Senior Treble, Trebleaires, Junior Treble Choir and Counterpoints.

“Personally, ‘Witch Doctor’ that Counterpoints performed [was my favorite]. The dance we did was a really high-energy, high-intensity dance that we spent a lot of time working on. We all agreed that that was the best we ever performed it, so it was just really fun to do on stage. I feel like all of the groups did a really good job, especially for this being our first concert working with our new director, Mr. Jones,” Parker Danner (12) said.  

Mr. Nathaniel Jones, Arts, is a Lake Central alumni who was involved in the choir and handbell programs when he was in high school himself. Jones has returned as the new choir director, taking over the position previously held by Mrs. Sandra Hobbs.

“He’s doing a fantastic job so far. He works really well with us, and he knows what he’s doing.  This was a great way to start off his career at Lake Central. At first we didn’t know what our goals were for this year because this is a new group with a new director, but so far we all really like each other, and Mr. Jones is absolutely amazing. I feel like if we really tried we could go to State this year,” Danner said.  

The next choir concert will be held on Dec. 13 in the auditorium.