Girls Scouts Earn Badge with LCEC

Alex Miskus and lakecentralnews

Girl Scout Troop 206 paid a visit to the Lake Central Enviromental Club to earn a particular type of badge. Ms. Jackie Ruiz, Science, is the sponsor of the club and was ecstatic the children came to earn a badge.
“The Girl Scout Troop came to work with LCEC to earn their bug badge and to teach them about the environment,” Ruiz said.

Students were also excited to teach the troop about certain insects like butterflies and dragonflies. The girls did such activities as making paper butterflies and observing preserved insects in a glass jar. John Hemmerling (12) was one of the LCEC helping members.

“I really enjoy helping out the cute children. It’s a brand new experience,” Hemmerling said.                                                                                             
LCEC was able to interact with the troop while sharing their love of the environment.
“LCEC members gained a valuable experience for two reasons: working with children and sharing their passion with the environment,” Ruiz said.