Open Mic Club is Open to All


Sophia Boeckstiegel (11) and Isabella Gomez (12) brought an interesting new scene to the club. With ukulele accompaniment by Gomez, Boeckstiegel read a children’s book to the lively beat.

Olivia Throckmartin

Every Thursday after school, Open Mic Club is held in the library. Students from all grades are able to showcase their talents, whether it be playing a musical instrument or showing off their free-styling skills. Previously led by Eduard Halbe (‘16), Open Mic Club continues to be a hit amongst the creative students at Lake Central High School.

“Edd Halbe passed it down to me when I asked him if I could be in charge. It made me extremely happy to care for something I love so much,” Mason Crawford (11), said.

The club sees an average of 20 students every meeting. There is a mix of upperclassmen and underclassmen who show a common interest in the club’s activities. Students are given the opportunity to share a talent of theirs in front of their peers and express themselves in ways they normally can’t during the school day.

“I have a lot of friends that go to Open Mic Club, and I love to see them perform with the many talents they have. I also enjoy going every week and seeing new faces show up to the club and perform. I love being there and hanging out with my friends that also come. It’s another time I get to socialize with people I really enjoy.” Sophia Boeckstiegel (11) said.