Tis’ the Season for Angel Tree


Students pay attention to club advisor, Mr. Kania. Around 80 students attended the meeting.

Olivia Oster

On Nov. 2, Student Council met in the LGI to discuss their two major projects of the year. Much of the focus was on an easy, yet rewarding project starting soon: Angel Tree.

“This is a project that helps kids in our community wake up to presents on Christmas morning. If it wasn’t for the money we raise and the presents we buy, there would be many kids in our area that wouldn’t receive any presents,” Rachel Frieling (12) said.

All Student Council member have responsibilities and goals in order to ensure the success of this project.

“Mr. Robert Kania, Science asks us to raise $100 each. This may sound like a lot, but if you go out and work for it instead of just asking, it comes fast. Last year I worked for others around the community and raised a total of $700,” Frieling said.

On Dec. 1, members of student council will go to Walmart to spend all the money they have raised on presents. This is considered to be a memorable event for all who participate.

“I’m excited for everyone coming together to shop for the kids who wouldn’t be able to have a Christmas morning without the help of angel tree,” Brenda Almeida (10) said.