Lake Central and the Giant Peach


Zack Hansen (12), Will Kruzan (12), Adam Gustas (12) and Hannah Souronis (12) act out a scene where James, (Gustas) meets the critters inside the giant peach. Little does Gustas’ character know that the critters would become his new friends; and that the two of them would be sucked into a crazy adventure.

Kevin Holechko

Lake Central Theater company kicked of the fall season with the  show “James and the Giant Peach”. The main character James is played by Adam Gustas (12)  who gets sucked into an adventure where he meets several insects that live within a giant peach. The peach manages to travel all the way from England to New York.

“The show for the kids was really fun. You could feel the energy and excitement from the kids as they watched the show,” Hannah Souronis (12) said.

Elementary school students from Prostman, Kolling, Watson, Homan, Peifer and Bibich visited the school to see the show. The kids were beyond excited and enthusiastic about seeing the show. From the second the kids entered the building they were at aww.

“My favorite part was definitely the kids when they would laugh or react to the show. It was an amazing feeling knowing they read the book and got to see it come to life,” Theodoros Karras (11) said.

The show ends with New Yorkers eating the peach and revealing what’s been hiding inside it for so long.

“The final scene is just so cute. It’s set as a parade in the streets of New York, and the kids made it feel like we were actually in a parade at Time Square.” Souronis.