French fanatics


A French Club member picks up the votes from another student. Five positions were available for office, and each candidate said a small speech about why they were running.

Karisa Candreva, Author

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, in Ms. Beverly Bovard’s, World Language, room the French Club met to elect new officials for this year.

“The clubs in school are supposed to be student-run organizations, so I’m going to step back and let them take the reigns,” Ms. Bovard said.

The president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and historian positions were all up for grabs, and the French Club was hoping to elect new officials to inspire French culture throughout the school.

“I didn’t give them a lot of lead time to prepare themselves. They actually got some ideas out. Even though they might not be the winners, they got some ideas out of what people would like to do,” Ms. Bovard said.

The candidates all said a short speech about why they want to be an official and how they think French Club could progress throughout the year. Candidates said how they want their fellow French Club members to be excited for the Club and how they want French as a language to become more popular within the LC community.

“I thought everybody considered their choices really well because some of the races were kind of close, so I think they put some thought into it,” Bovard said.

Theo Mantis (10) was elected president, Courtney Rhomberg (10), vice president, Ian Butler (9), treasurer, Molly Fischer (10), secretary, and Erik Napiwocki (9), historian.

“I thought [treasurer] would be a cool office to hold because I like French, and I like French Club. I handle the money and the dues when we buy stuff,” Butler said.

The rest of the meeting was spent watching “Ratatouille” and snacking on popcorn and pop. The next meeting will focus on traditional French Christmas time activities.