A Different Type of Winter Wonderland


Briana Goodfriend and lakecentralnews

After all the planning, finding a dress, fighting for a ticket and figuring out which group to be in, the night of Formal has already come and gone.  With the night gone, students reflect on the memories made at the dance.

“It was all worth it , you only live once and I want to be able to look back and remember those times,” Aleksandra Rajavic (12) said.

Last year, the hall put out sweets on a plate for every table.  This year, they turned to appetizers and a more buffet style.

“I thought it was funny they served pizza rolls, but the food was good. I really liked the meatballs,” Angie Zito (11) said.

Every year, the music is always a big factor in the success of the night. Students always end up talking about what they thought of the music.

“[The music] was good; the DJ actually played good songs,” Zito said.

For some students, it was their first dance attended, and for some, everything lived up to their expectations.

“It was pretty good. It was my first dance, and it was a good experience. All my friends were there, and we had fun and danced all night,” Nick Ajder (10) said.

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Photos by: Elena Navarro and Lauren Wadas