Corporation Cuts

Lauren Wadas and lakecentralnews

Budget cuts in education are tearing through Indiana. The LC School Corporation is facing a way to reduce $3.5 million in expenditures while keeping the best interests of students the highest priority.

“The Senate Enrolled Act 575 prohibits schools from deficit spending. We are not allowed to spend more than we bring in,” Director of Business Mr. Robert James said.

In addition to this act, funding for the Average Daily Membership is less for this year because corporation-wide, there is a lower student count.

Classified staff, including custodians, lunch aides, recess aides and secretaries, and certified staff, including teachers and licensed staff, will all see the effects of the cuts.

“Our philosophy is [that] we need the best people in the best positions for support of our students. Students are our number one priority,” Mr. Al Gandolfi, assistant superintendent, said.

By the time the cuts are over, there will be 72 less classified staff members and 37 less certified staff members corporation-wide.

“Our goal is to keep our curriculum guide that we have in place because it serves the wide variety of students, and we will continue to do what we can to save programs,” Gandolfi said.