A look inside of Campus Life


Students talk to one another while holding their poses. They were the few remaining in the activity they were participating in.

Ayah Eid, Author

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, Campus Life held a meeting filled with games and activities concerning that night’s topic, “‘dealing with bad news”.

“They usually will show videos that relate to topics that we talk about near the end of in Campus Life and some are touchy and some of them are just basic questions, trying to [get to] know each other to make friends,” Emily Krout said (10).

The club hopes to emphasize a positive environment for students to have as a place to discuss issues in their lives or to have somewhere to be on Tuesday nights.

“It is supposed to emphasize a safe environment for kids to be at every Tuesday night, a place they can feel loved and welcomed and just have a good night. We will go on trips to help kids build relationships with each other,” Becca Niehof, Campus Life Leader, said.

The students go on three trips each year to build relationships, one specific trip being their spring break trip to Florida.

“The spring break trip is the best. It was my absolute favorite out of all of them. That’s where we went to a hotel on the beach and we stayed there for a week. We drove down and drove back, but honestly it was so worth it to drive. I wouldn’t want to fly. I met so many people during that bus ride,” Krout said.

Students who participate in the club create friendships and learn lessons that they hope to take with them throughout their lives.

“There are good advice that they give from the Bible and from themselves, and I would like to take those along with me because they’ve helped me through a lot, believe it or not. The friends that I made from here, I would like to take them along with me. I didn’t think these friendships would last, but they have always lasted and I’ve been here since the eighth grade” Krout said.

Though the group is a Christian affiliate, they welcome students from all backgrounds, making Campus Life a diverse place.

“Anyone can come. We have people who don’t talk at all and they do not participate in the games, but they come and sit and hang out. We have energetic people and Christians. We have non-Christians; it’s anybody that comes,”  Niehof said.