Operation Care

Lexi Castaneda and lakecentralnews

Now that the holidays are over and the Food Drive and Toy Drive have passed, Interact has something else in mind for a volunteering option: Operation Care.

“[Operation Care] is basically a program started by Mr. Clark and another sergeant. It gives needed items to children in villages,” Dana Lannin (11) said.

Interact is starting this volunteer activity this month with the help of the student body.

“I’m hoping people will donate because it seemed like nobody was aware of the Food Drive. We already started collecting donations and will send them off in boxes until Spring Break,” Lannin said.

Any supplies are acceptable for donation, except for electronics.

“The supplies are mainly pencils, notebooks, backpacks and shoes. The needy children in Afghanistan especially love dolls and stuffed animals,” Michael Calderaro (11) said.

Students already involved in this activity feel it will benefit not only the school, but also our country.

“The children desperately need these items, and with them, life would be much easier and [more] tolerable. Being a part of this helps save American lives by making friendly relationships with the locals,” Calderaro said.