Checking in on History Club


Students hunt in order to survive the game. They hit moving targets, which helped them move further in the game.

Ayah Eid, Author

On Friday, Jan. 20, students gathered after school for History Club. The club meets once a week and takes part in educational activities throughout the year.

“We give them [members] fun stuff that helps them learn [what] they wouldn’t normally learn in a history class,” Alexis Nikolovski (11) said.

Though the activities vary, the officers come up with different activities each week.

“Sometimes we watch movies from times of historic periods. We watched ‘The Book Thief,’ [which took place during] World War II. We do presentations once in awhile, but we feel that bores [the club members] so we try to do stuff like this [The Oregon Trail],” Nikolovski said.

Although the club started out in Mr.  Tom Clark’s, Social Studies classroom, it has now grown  so much that the meetings had to be moved to the LGI Room.

“We used to meet in Mr. Clark’s room, but we had so many members we couldn’t fit in there. There’s people outside the door into the hallway. We thought, ‘no, this probably isn’t the best way to learn.’ So, we asked to get the LGI and they allowed us to get [it], which was great”, Nikolovski said.

History Club not only informs students about the past, it encourages them to dig deeper into history and find a love for the subject.

“At first I went and was like, ‘Oh okay, I’ll do this to know history a little more,’ and when I started getting really involved with it, everything just clicked. My love for history has elevated since I’ve joined,” Caitlin Mavity (11) said.