Bonding with buddies


Kyle Kujawa (11) and Charles August (10) kicked high in the air. Kujawa wanted to teach everyone how to do a karate kick.

Sabina Solarczyk, Author


Students looking for a way to interact with others in a positive environment can join Best Buddies. This club provides an opportunity to impact other student’s and their own life for the better.

“[Students] should join [Best Buddies] to see how people who are different than others interact with everyone else. Once you’re in [the club] then you get to see the people all four years and just become better friends,” Kristina Almeida (12) said.

Other than forming new friendships, Best Buddies provides an outlet for students to participate in activities that they would not normally be able to do in other clubs or sports.

“We get to come every other Monday and you get to do projects, crafts and talent shows with kids, and they could have activities to do after school that they wouldn’t be able to do in sports,” Katelyn Schutz (10) said.

While the extracurricular sounds like something fun to do after school, it is much more than that. Students are able to see how other people live their lives and they are able to see things in their perspective.

“I would recommend it to a lot of people because it shows you a different lifestyle of how different people live. It also strongly incorporates communication among a lot of different people,” Charles August (10) said.