Scheduling in a New Era

Alyssa Retske and lakecentralnews

Over the last few years, LC has made some major procedural changes: moving to paperless midterms and online registration. Now they’ve taken the next step-having students create and submit their schedules through RDS.

“I think online scheduling is convenient so we don’t have to be called down during class,” Mary Ellen Propper (11) said.

Although some students see this as a good thing, others are not quite as happy. Problems have occured with RDS in the past, and some see this as a concern.

“[It is] stupid, completely stupid, because the school’s internet system has been dysfunctional for years. I’ve heard quite a few complaints about it,” Zackary Zachocki (11) said.

Online scheduling was put in place to free up the counselor’s and student’s time for more important things, such as college and career planning, but to some students, it seems like the benefit of one thing is coming at the expense of another.