Finding Your Own Groove


Bridget Protsman and lakecentralnews

Mike Goin (10) started his dancing career with the break dancing group.

“[We dance to songs that are] usually on the radio [and] artists like LMFAO and David Guetta,” Goin said.

With many of the other break dancers, this is Goin’s first year break dancing.

“[I started dancing] because it keeps me in shape while I have fun with my friends,” Goin said.

The group of break dancers performs at dances and the Talent Show. Like many other performers, Goin felt worried at first.

“At first, I was nervous and really inexperienced. As I practiced, I found my own groove and calmed down,” Goin said.

The break dancers were offered the opportunity to use M2 Dance Center every Thursday. They use the studio to practice and plan dance numbers.

“Our friend heard that the Centralettes dance at M2, and because we have good grades and are good students, Mr. Mathis lends up the room every Thursday,” Goin said.

Goin and the rest of the dancers are currently in the process of choreographing a routine for the Student Council Talent Show in April.