A new eggsperiment


A student displays her egg. Mrs. Teresa Zentz, Social Studies, told her AP Psych students to take care of an egg to apply the lesson of Erik Erikson’s research.

Cami Wallace, Author

For the AP Psychology classes of Mrs. Teresa Zentz, Social Studies, a new experiment has been added to the curriculum.  

“The egg experiment is where they have to carry an egg around for seven days, and they need to treat it if it’s their baby. They cannot leave it unattended, they can’t mistreat it, they have to clean up after it if they crack it. Then they have a daily journal for five days, which goes through Erik Erikson’s developmental stages, so they have conflicts that are going to face as they raise this egg from zero to adolescence. They are using concepts and terms from what they’re learning about, and then applying it to the egg,” Mrs. Zentz said.

After their journals, the students write papers recording their parenting styles and the treatment of their eggs.

“I think it gives me somewhat of an idea for parenting. It’s not necessarily to that scale but I do get a sense of what it is like to have a kid with taking care of the smell and not forgetting it,” Eric Blankenship said.

The experiment allowed students to have as much creativity as possible when creating their eggs.

“I decided to have twins because twins run in my family, so I have one boy and one girl since my dad is a twin. The girl is Paige and the boy is Ethan,” Madeline Spoerner (10) said.