Bookmarks for hemophilia


The officer shows a video on the development and impact of hemophilia. The club set a certain goal and also help benefit their member’s family who struggles with hemophilia.

Kristen Mirabelli, Author

Future Medical Professionals had a short meeting in Room C218 to plan for their fundraiser by making bookmarks for hemophilia prevention.

“I think future medical professionals has benefitted me through learning through the guest speakers. It allows the other members to understand what being in the medical field is like,” Daryn McElroy (11) said.

Aislinn Wade (11) discussed about her battle with Alopecia Areata, a disease that causes hair to fall out in small, random patches. Her experience began first by losing her hair and was followed by losing her eyebrows and eyelashes. Her family also faces other medical issues such as hemophilia.

“I think it is important that we make students aware of what other students go through. The speaker made me realize how hard some people have it. Some diseases we may not even know about, but some of our peers may be struggling with it everyday. That’s why I think it’s important to have this fundraiser for hemophilia,” Jaskirun Kaur (11) said.  

Future Medical Professionals will get together over the next couple of weeks and design bookmarks and donate the money to help with hemophilia prevention. They want to have other fundraisers and donate the money to charities, and also improving student’s knowledge about the many diseases they are. It also benefits the members and prepares them for their future in the medical field.

“I love being a part of Future Medical Professionals. Not only has it helped me contribute to my community, but also has prepared me pursue my medical career. I hope as the year goes on I learn more about the types of doctors and how they help impact their patient’s life,” McElroy (11) said.