Gaining the gold


The Trebleaires perform at State. The group received gold for their performance.

Kylie Thomsen

Counterpoints and Trebleaires went to Indianapolis on Saturday, Feb. 18, to compete at State for the ISSMA competition. They competed and both won gold.

“I was happy because I was afraid we weren’t going to get gold a few weeks back because we weren’t really on it. We weren’t really practicing or working as hard as we should have, so I was really proud of us,” Valerie Burbach (10) said.

Trebleaires performed one song called “Cantate Domino” by Hans Leo Hassler. Counterpoints performed two songs called “Jabberwocky” by Samuel Pottle and “Psallite” by Michael Praetorius.

“My favorite part was ‘Jabberwocky’. It’s such an interesting song because it’s designed to sound like words, but it’s a bunch of gibberish with a couple of english words mixed in there to make it sound realistic. It’s such a cool and wacky song and there’s so many different part to it,” George Gundelach (11) said.

During their performances, the two groups had many strong points, which were noticed by the two groups and the audience that watched them.

“I think that our strongest point was in ‘Jabberwocky.’ It was a very comical song, but we all held it together. In rehearsals we would laugh a lot and have a lot of fun with it. We had to act the piece very well and I think that we did a great job with that,” Samantha Bredar (11) said.