Planning ahead

Planning ahead

Faith Huenecke, Author

On Monday, Nov. 13, N-Teens met in the LGI to talk about events that will be occurring within the next few months.

“We talked about some [Winter] Formal ideas, and then we talked about our Chicago field trip that is coming up,” Hallee Agelson (11) said.

As long as the weather stays nice, the club will be going on its annual shopping trip in Chicago on Dec. 9.

“[At the previous trip] we got to shop and walk around. You can shop for others or yourself,” Agelson said.

Following the shopping trip, the club will be preparing for Winter Formal.

“The theme and decorations [were discussed at the meeting]. [We’ll] meet about twice a week [to plan for Formal],” Agelson said.

The club gathers ideas for what the members would like to see at the dance, which will take place on Saturday, Jan. 20.

“The next meeting [for planning] will be next week or the week after,” Agelson said.