Le Club de Français


Lia Rynberk (11) collects dues from French Club members. Rynberk was elected French Club treasurer.

Molly Fischer, Author

On Tuesday, Nov. 28, French Club met in Ms. Beverly Bovard’s, Foreign Language, room to listen to a presentation on the differences between American and French high schools.

“[The meeting] went really well and I like how we incorporate different aspects of French life [into] every meeting,” Lia Rynberk (11) said.

The presentation on a typical French high school was created and presented by French Club officer, Danica Mileusnic (11).

“We learn a little about French high school in class, so I just wanted to learn more about it. I thought it was an intriguing topic that everyone can relate to,” Mileusnic said.

French Club meets the last Tuesday of every month, but the next meeting will be on Tuesday, Dec. 18 to accommodate finals week. The meeting will be about French holiday traditions and members will be able to decorate ornaments.

“I’m glad I get to learn more about France and the culture that goes along with it [in French Club],” Rynberk said.