A Marriage of Education

Samantha Yadron and lakecentralnews

Of all the couples at LC, teachers often have the most insight. Mr. Josh Clark, Social Studies, and Mrs. Kathryn Clark, English, have been sharing their experiences from teaching at LC.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark met at the beginning of their time at the school.

“Mr. Clark and I met at Lake Central. We were both hired at the same time, and we met during the summer training programs for new teachers here at LC. The first time I saw him was at a breakfast that the administration provided for all the new teachers during that summer training,” Mrs. Clark said.

However, the two teachers are in different departments. What should happen when Social Studies and English get married?

“Mr. Clark and I are both very proud of the fact that we are teachers, and we both think our subject is the best and most important. He likes to accuse me of being a “toe-stepper” when I teach any historical background that goes with the literature. It’s all in good fun, of course,” Mrs. Clark said.

Despite this difference, Mr. and Mrs. Clark have been able to share a great experience from working together.

“The best part about having the same career as my husband is that we can be sympathetic to each other. Teaching is not a job that ends when you walk out of the building: there are essays to read and lessons to plan. Mr. Clark and I both understand the grading load that teachers have outside of school, which helps us pick up each others’ slack when necessary,” Mrs. Clark said.