Crepe craze


Ian Butler (10) signs in at the meeting. This was the biggest turnout the club has seen all year.

Maisie Westerfield, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief

On Jan. 30, French Club got an immersive French experience while making crepes. Students were given instructions and brought their own toppings to decorate their creations as they pleased. This meeting was in celebration of Valentine’s Day, so holiday crafts were also available.

“I don’t actually know where [crepes] originated, but I know that in a lot of cultures there are similar [foods to crepes]. I think [making crepes] was a way to use things that were available. It’s just flour, milk, salt and eggs. Just basic farm ingredients,” Miss Beverly Bovard, World Language said.

The club had its biggest turnout of the year, with over 30 students attending the meeting. The majority of members are first-year students.

“It’s a pretty good immersion in French culture. I like to dive deeper into learning about French. It was a great experience. Now we’re learning about the food, but I’d like to learn about clothing, language traditions and holidays,” Claire LaVoie (9) said.

The next meeting will be Feb. 27 in C107. The club will be making Mardi Gras decorations and learning about the French holiday.

“I think everyone enjoys being interactive and having something to do. It’s not just sitting in a classroom and listening to another lecture. It’s a little bit of a cultural experiment too, so they enjoy that,” Miss Bovard said.