Deadline Week


Bianca Matchain (11) shows off her finished page. Matchain has been in Publications for two years.

Molly Fischer

Publications students met for deadline after school from Monday, Feb. 12 through Thursday, Feb. 15 to finish Quiver pages and the February issue of Scout.

“Deadline is a time for Publications students to finish our work for the yearbook and Scout Magazine. We work so well as a team and spending all of these extra hours together creates a great bond that further creates great content to publish for our school,” Brittney Howell (12) said.

The time spent after school allows students to dedicate hours working on their page and is necessary to some students to be able to push their page through.

“Deadline week is extremely important, but it can be frustrating when I’m getting a page I’ve seen for the first time on one of the days before all pages are supposed to be finished,” Hannah Hill (12) said.

Whether it be for Scout or for Quiver, something always needs to get finished and Publications students work together to package pages.

“Deadline seems really stressful to students not in Publications, but most of the time, it’s a chill environment where everyone is helping one another to get their pages packaged. We all want to get the pages sent on time so we all work together to achieve that,” Jessica Cook (12) said.