Pharmacy phase


Students patiently gather in room C218 to wait for the speaker for this Future Medical Professionals meeting. Future Medical Professionals have had multiple speakers come in, including a clinical psychologist and nurse practitioner.

Melicah Rodriguez, Author

Students who plan on pursuing a career in the medical field met in room C218 on Friday, Jan. 23 to listen to a pharmacist talk about the education, requirements and benefits of his career.

“I wanted to come just to tell younger minds about some experiences I’ve had just to help them out a little bit, and to let them know that it’s okay not to know what you want to do right this second because there’s so much pressure on you guys. Just keep an open mind,” Omar Mohiuddin said.

Mohiuddin gave some advice to the club’s members on pursuing a career in pharmacy.

“If you really think you want to go into pharmacy, I would definitely talk to different kinds of pharmacists, not just retail pharmacists, hospital pharmacists or people in the industry just to see how they like it and how the future is going,” Mohiuddin said.

As a pharmacist working for Walgreens, Mohiuddin specializes in the retail pharmacy section.

“I have people come and shadow me for a day just to see what I do. They see hands-on what’s going on,” Mohiuddin said.

Mohiuddin’s outlook on pharmacy is much more than skin deep. His ability to work with others and help individuals feel better is a huge part of why he enjoys his job.

“Personally, our store is one of the training stores so people come in and see the good positive attitude. I hate to say it, but other people hate their job and just work for the paycheck. But if I’m actually helping the patients, it makes the job worthwhile,” Mohiuddin said.