Appreciating the Armed Forces

Every year on the third Saturday in May, a special day is celebrated in honor of Americans that have served in the five U.S. military branches known as Armed Forces Day. Although many students may not be aware of this day, some have enlisted in one of the branches and will soon realize what it is to be an American hero.

“I’m going in the Air Force to work on airplanes since I enjoy fixing things,” Michael Yadron (12) said.

Not only has Yadron chosen this path for his interest, but he feels his place in the Air Force can end up being his future profession.

“I signed up for four years, but if I renew my recruitment, I will make a career out of it,” Yadron said.

The youth of America may understand that our servicemen take courage to fight, but it is much more than that.

“[Armed Forces Day] allows Americans to support all the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and to appreciate all who have served. When I begin training in August, I will be proud of myself for knowing I’ve been a part of protecting our country’s freedom,” Yadron said.