From LC to CP

Lauren Wadas and lakecentralnews

   Principal Robert McDermott will be leaving his position at Lake Central High School to pursue a new opportunity at Crown Point High School.
   “I am going to Crown Point High School for a new position. It is the Director of Student Services,” Mr. McDermott said.
   Though the position is not the same as that of a head principal, it has some of the same responsibilities.
   “It does some things a principal would do and some stuff a guidance counselor would do like ECA, AP testing [and] ACT testing,” Mr. McDermott said.
   Mr. McDermott has decided to go to Crown Point to have more time to spend with his family.
   “[The Director of Student Services job] is a new opportunity in my home town. It was something I wanted to try,” Mr. McDermott said.
   With Mr. McDermott leaving, Mr. Richard Moore becoming a principal, Mr. Ken Miller leaving his freshmen principal position and Mr. Sean Begley becoming the new freshmen center principal, the administration positions for next year will be shaken up. The fate of the head principal is still unknown.
    “I’ll imagine they’ll post it to people within and post it for people out of the corporation. I think their goal would be for the best person to be in the position,” Mr. McDermott said.
   Although the new job provides new opportunity, Mr. McDermott will miss aspects of LC.

   “I’m going to miss the faculty and our students. We’ve got a really good staff of people, and I’m going to miss that. I have got to watch teachers I hired grow,” Mr. McDermott said.
   Aside from missing the faculty, Mr. McDermott has decided to stay true to LC in most games.
   “From here on out, I’ll be rooting for Crown Point, but I’ll root for Lake Central as long as they’re not playing Crown Point,” Mr. McDermott said.