Post-APocalyptic LC

Jamie Zega and lakecentralnews

   Contrary to some students’ beliefs, Lake Central High School and all of its students are still standing after the 2012 Advanced Placement Exams.
“This year we had 555 students take tests, and 869 tests were taken,” Assistant Principal Mr. Sean Begley said.
   After months of classwork and tests, the ultimate test was given to determine the success of these students in their AP classes.
“It wasn’t as bad as I thought. The teachers did a terrific job in preparing me,” Noah Sarkey (10) said.
   Of LC’s 22 AP courses, participation in these classes is encouraged by Mr. Begley, the AP Coordinator.
   “We want to see every LC student have the opportunity to be exposed to college-level courses before college,” Mr. Begley said.
   Although they are not exactly college courses, students feel that AP classes are still helpful.
   “I haven’t taken any college courses, so it’s hard to compare AP classes to the college courses they represent. However, I feel that the exams I have taken have always gone well, and based on that, I feel they are accurately comparative to a college course. My teachers have prepared me well for the AP exam, and I feel the intensity will be nearly the same as I head off to college,” Charles Sayger (12) said.
   Five hundred fifty-five students went into the AP tests, and all 555 students made it out of the testing rooms alive. With faith and studying, AP class and test survival is possible.
   “For any future AP takers, it’s never too early to start reviewing and taking practice tests; they can only help. Also, they are not as bad as one thinks. Just remember to review your work, relax and get plenty of sleep the night before. Stay strong,” Sayger said.