All-Inclusive Alliance


Ian Butler (10) proudly wears a gay pride pin. Butler founded the club to create a safe space for those who are apart of and for those who support the LGBT community.

Ashley Robinson

In order to create a sense of community for students of the LGBT community, Ian Butler (10) felt it necessary to begin a club known as the GSA: Gay Straight Alliance.

“I am the president and founder of this club. I was sitting and school and I thought ‘Wow, we really need something here for LGBT students’ because even though we are a school of over 3,000 kids, we still didn’t have anything. That was kind of disappointing to me,” Butler said.

The club’s most recent meeting on May 15 was dedicated to students sharing their coming out stories, in which they detailed how or if they revealed their sexuality or gender to their loved ones.

“This is an important topic because there are a lot of people who are still not out [as being apart of the LGBT community.] They don’t feel comfortable coming out because they feel that they might be judged. I think that us sharing our stories gives them more courage to come out and be themselves,” Zach Kettell (10) said.

Due to his large number of schoolmates, Butler feels that it is important to appreciate the diversity within those around him.

“Here at Lake Central we have a lot of diversity and people. I feel like we sweep that under the rug sometimes. To celebrate that diversity is really important,” Butler said.

This brand-new group of people has only had two meetings so far this year and they will not formally meet again until the next school year. However, the message and goal of the club has made itself known to those participating in it.

“I am apart [of this club] because we advocate that it is ok [to be LGBT.] They have a safe place that they can come no matter who they are, what sexuality they are, or what religion they are,” Kettell said.