Q&A: Gloria Fonseca (9)


Gloria Fonseca (9) is currently in Spanish II. She tested out of Spanish I her freshman year.

Cindy Torres

Q: Are you bilingual?

A: Yes, I speak Spanish.


Q: How does it feel to be bilingual?

A: It feels like I have a superpower. When people hear me speak Spanish, they are like, “What is she saying?” But to me it just comes and flows easily, so I never really think about it.


Q: How has being a Freshman in Spanish II been for you so far?

A:  It’s been pretty easy. Spanish is my first language, so I knew Spanish before English. I’m already fluent in it, so it made it really easy for me.


Q: How do you feel about testing out of Spanish I?

A: I feel successful because now I can advance more in my Spanish class, rather than being stuck in Spanish I, reviewing things step by step.


Q: Are you comfortable being in a class with upperclassmen?  If so why?

A: Yes I am comfortable in Spanish II, because I sometimes feel like the upperclassmen are intimidated by me because I know Spanish. Students will come up to me with questions, making me feel useful.


Q: How do you enjoy Spanish II, and your teacher this year?

A: I enjoy Spanish II because I consider it to be one of my easiest classes. I enjoy my teacher Mrs. Gajdos, because we can have full conversations in Spanish about the work we are doing in class.  


Q: Do you feel like your struggling in Spanish II?

A: Not at all.  I started reading and writing in Spanish in my CCD class at my church, at the age of seven. It was an all Spanish CCD class, so I never really struggled with reading or writing in Spanish, so I don’t find Spanish II hard for me.


Q: Did you talk to your parents about testing out of Spanish I? How did they react?

A: Yes. They said it was awesome because they told me if a college sees that you advanced more in a language, it’s a plus. They were happy. That’s why they spoke to us in Spanish, so we could receive the benefits.


Q: What are you most excited to learn in Spanish II this year?

A: How to learn how to properly use accents.


Q: What encouraged you the most to test out of Spanish I?

A: Just knowing Spanish II wouldn’t be very easy.  I wanted something to challenge me this year.