Stringing together a new club


Madelyne Pedroza (11) plays the violin. Pedroza created the club.

Mia Martinez

On Wednesday October 3rd, two students, Madeleyne Pedroza (11) and Adrianna Klein (11) held the first ever string club meeting with instruments. This club offers a place for string players to have fun and express themselves through unified practices.

“String club is an outlet for students to express their creativity through instruments that Lake Central doesn’t have in band, [for example] violin, piano, cello, bass viola, guitar [and more],” Klein said.

In this club people of many different experience join in on learning new songs. One student, Haley Turek (11) has a passion for violin, which she has been playing violin for 8 years.

“I joined because this was the first string organization of any kind that Lake Central has and I am primarily a violinist. It was really disappointing to come into high school and find out that that there is no orchestra and all of these other high schools have [an] orchestra,” Turek said.

Entering high school and finding out that there isn’t a class, or club where you can play an instrument that you may have been playing for years is devastating. Many kids have to switch their instruments in order to continue their musical aspirations. Being the first club of its kind there is a lot to accomplish and look forward to.

“[A goal of the club] is to allow students to meet each other and grow as a community and spread the word, hopefully it will become more than just a club. We want to become known in the school,” Klein said.