Summer School at a Middle School

Kate Toth and lakecentralnews

For many students, taking a class in the summer can eliminate the need to take it during the school year. Incoming freshmen, in particular, sign up for physical education. This year, instead of participating in the class at Lake Central, students are at Kalher Middle School. Some students are pleased by this change.

“I feel like if were were at LC we might be running into the pool class and messing up a set schedule,” Morgan Shoemaker (9) said.

However, not all students feel the same way. Others feel that the change has major drawbacks.

“I wish [summer P.E.] was at Lake Central because it gets so hot at Kahler and there are 130 of us. We don’t all fit. When it’s hot and you’re outside it’s fine, but when you go back into the gym, it’s sweltering hot,” Jeannine Toth (9) said.

Despite the change in location, many aspects of this summer program remain constant. Students from the three middle schools are able to blend together before the start of the school year, making the transition from middle school to high school less scary.

“The best part is that you are seeing friends, meeting different people and getting fit and healthy at the same time,” Shoemaker said.

Also, the class helps many students develop a more mature attitude and understand what is expected of them as they enter the new school.

“There’s no leeway when it comes to misbehavior. They expect you to act like an adult. Not following the rules, roughhousing, they don’t put up with it. There’s a higher expectation of you, and you need to put forth more effort than you could in middle school where you could slide by with the bare minimum,” Toth said.