Freshman girls’ volleyball game remains undefeated after game against Crown Point


The LC girls pass over the ball to one another and get ready for their team to serve towards the end of the game. They successfully finished off their set with a score of 9 to 25, when they took the lead.

Eden Schilling

   On Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, the Freshmen girls volleyball team remained undefeated when they beat Crown Point. The girls were happy to be able to keep their undefeated title. Both the coach and the team are happy with their progress thus far, and hope to continue their great work.

   “It’s been going great, my girls are undefeated, so they’re great at communication and they gel really well together, so they’ve been doing great so far. I hope to keep our undefeated record, and to keep up the communication. We play as a really good team, there’s no divides, they all communicate with each other,” Coach Jackie Eader said.

   Coach Eader talked about her specific goals for the rest of the season and what she wanted to see in her players.

   “I would definitely say for everybody to improve in their position, so let’s say my hitters improve on their job,” Coach Eader said. 

   It can be stressful to play a sport and have school at the same time. Students can find it hard to keep up between all the practices and school work each night.

   “It can be really stressful at times, with managing homework and away games, but you just have to work hard and maintain those grades and try to do the best that you can. High school certainly is something else. [Highschool] is a lot bigger [than middle school] and the competition is a lot harder.  It’s really fun, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I was in 7th grade [when I first started volleyball] and I was trying out for school. I had no experience [with volleyball]. It was just a change and I figured out I really liked it,” Meghan Swacus (9) said.

   During the games, the players have figured out a good way to perform their absolute best. They also have their own motivators to help them succeed and push them to their full potential.

   “I usually just stretch a lot, because I think that’s the best thing you can do on and off the court. My peers probably motivate me the most, because my peers are the people who would push me my hardest and make me work. They would help me shrug off my mistakes,” Swacus said.

   An important aspect in playing on a team is making sure bonds are formed to increase your performance. Certain traits can be developed while playing, and some can be very important.  

   “[As a team] we really develop trust. Trust is one of the biggest things you can have as a team.  You don’t want to lose trust, because then you’ll lose communication and everything will just fall apart,” Swacus said.