Temporary Change for a Permanent Solution

Jamie Zega and lakecentralnews

The community has been waiting for this since the November 2011 election. Finally, LC has started the construction on the new building. Although big change is on its way, small change has to occur first.

Just to name a few changes, M-Hall no longer exists, seven entrances to the school have been blocked off and the Freshman Center parking lot is now off-limits. The freshman commons have been replaced by seven temporary classrooms, cutting down on hallway space.

It’s a lot of change, but mostly temporary until the new three-story academic wing is completed on the old track. Since the groundbreaking on Aug. 1, progress has already been made.

“They need to do all the foundation work,” Principal Robin Tobias said. “You won’t be seeing much building up, but more moving down.”

Until the entire construction project is complete, many transitions will need to be made from old routines to new ones. For the first year of transitioning, though, there is an optimistic lookout for keeping things in order.

“I expect everything to be perfect,” Tobais said. “I expect things to go well. Students will have a good time with fantastic teachers and we’ll have a lot of fun watching the new building form.”