Taking the pep outside

Nathaniel Grahovac (12) hugs David Triezenberg (10) after winning the tricycle race. Triezenberg won the race for Best Buddies. Photo by: Charmagne Abangan

Charmagne Abangan and Frida Arellano

     The football field was filled with chants and cheers coming from the students and staff members on Friday, Sept. 27. The annual homecoming pep rally was held during PtE.

   “For it being my first high school pep rally, I thought it was pretty okay. I just thought it was going to be more than just flag football but I still had fun watching it. It was nice and short,” Marjo Pama (9) said.

   This year, a new event was brought up to entertain students. Junior and senior girls came together to form two teams in order to play powderpuff football.

   “I think that even though the seniors lost to the juniors, I hope that everyone had fun with it and was able to enjoy themselves even though it wasn’t the outcome that we wanted. I was asked to be the senior representative by Mr. [Jeff] Sandor, [Assistant Athletic Director]. I wanted to be involved in the school and show my school spirit,” Sophia Birlson (12) said.

   During half time N-Teens, Best Buddies, Student Council, Senior and Sophomore Class Cabinet participated in the tricycle race. Students cheered on David Triezenberg (10) as he reached the finish line to win the race for Best Buddies.

   “I really appreciated the students understanding the goal of the tricycle race and having David [Triezenburg (10)] win. It was just really cool to see people coming together and clapping and cheering David on as he was crossing the finish line. I think it was a good last homecoming pep rally for the seniors,” Trent Schneider (12) said.