Review: Hadestown


Hadestown is a new Broadway musical about the Greek mythological characters Orpheus and Eurydice. The show won several Tony awards including “Best Musical.”

Tiffanie Richerme

   The new Broadway musical, Hadestown, has quickly become a global phenomenon, drawing viewers of all demographics in with its upbeat soundtrack, dynamic cast and classic storyline. The musical has sold out nearly every night since it won seven Tony awards, including “Best Musical.”

   Hadestown is a retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus, played by Reeve Carney, and Eurydice, played by Eva Noblezada. In both the myth and the musical, Orpheus travels underground in hopes of saving Eurydice. Although it isn’t typically allowed, Hades, played by Patrick Page, tells Orpheus that he can leave with Eurydice if she walks behind him and he doesn’t turn around to confirm that she is there. However, when the couple is almost out of Hadestown, Orpheus can’t resist checking to see if Eurydice is still behind him, forcing Eurydice to stay in Hadestown forever.

   Written and composed by singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell, the musical gained global recognition after its Broadway debut on April 17, 2019. Although Mitchell is not new to the world of song-writing, Hadestown is her first musical, and it became somewhat of an overnight sensation.

   The success of Hadestown is partly due to its talented and lovable cast, consisting of Broadway legends such as André de Shields. The cast works well together to create a believable and gut-wrenching story on stage, making fans fall in love with the characters. Hadestown also evokes many different emotions, from anger and suspense to relief and excitement.

   The vast popularity of the show has led to the announcement of a national tour, which will give fans around the country the opportunity to witness this incredible show. The national tour will also help Hadestown become more well-known.

   This dynamic show has succeeded in attracting viewers of all demographics due to its electric storyline, beloved characters, diverse cast and catchy music, making Hadestown a favorite for many musical lovers including myself.