Q&A: Katharine Mahoney (11)


Katharine Mahoney (11) poses with Maddy Bailey (12) at the beginning of the season. Mahoney said that her team this year has been extremely close with one another.

Molly Tkach, Team Leader

Q; How long have you been playing volleyball?

A: I have been playing volleyball since 5th grade.

Q: How long have you been playing on the Varsity team?

A: I started playing varsity last year when I dressed and got some play time.


Q: Why did you start playing volleyball?

A: I started playing volleyball because I thought it would be a fun activity.  Then, I fell in love with the game and devote a lot of my time to do it.


Q: How close is your team?

A: I would say our team is definitely closer than we were last year.  I love everyone on the team and we all work really well together.


Q: What is your favorite part about playing high school volleyball?

A: My favorite part about playing high school volleyball is playing teams that have a lot of my friends on it because it gets very competitive.


Q: Do you plan on playing volleyball in college?

A: Yes, hopefully I get the change to play volleyball in college because I think it would be a great opportunity and it would be really fun.


Q: How has this season been?

A: So far this season has been pretty good.  I love my whole team and the chemistry we have on the court together.  We have a lot of potential as a team.


Q: What is your advice for someone who wants to begin playing volleyball?

A: My advice is to always have fun, work hard and try to always look on the positive side of things.


Q: What is your least favorite thing about playing volleyball and what is your favorite thing about playing volleyball?

A: My least favorite thing about playing volleyball is that it takes up a lot of time and it can be hard to manage with homework and everything, but it helps me learn life skills such as time management.  My favorite thing about playing volleyball is the team atmosphere and the competitiveness of the game. I love it when there is a long rally happening and you get the point and the whole team goes crazy.


Q: Do you have any more games?

A: [Thursday, Oct. 10] is our last home game against Laporte and then we have sectionals starting next week.