JV’s Time to Shine


Kelly Paulson and lakecentralnews

On Wednesday, the boys JV soccer team faced the Michigan City Wolves, resulting in a easy win for the Indians with a final score of 5-0.

“It went just as planned,” Michael McClelland (9) said. The sweeping win was well expected by the whole team because Michigan City isn’t considered close competiton for the JV team.

“We can improve on communications,” McClelland said. As a freshman on the team, McClelland is considered one of the lucky few who proved worthy of playing as a high school athlete unlike many hopeful upperclassmen.

Every team has room for improvement, but the average viewer of the game would say the boys interacted with each other and created clean passes like a well-oiled machine.

“I kinda got lucky because the keeper didn’t hold it,” Jacob Galzan (9), the team’s forward, said regarding the goal he scored.

“We were pretty confident,” Galzan said. The Michigan City game was the second home game of the season, and the team believes they are off to a good start.

The team keeps Chesterton in mind for close competition because they have “mostly seniors,” McClelland said.

Considering the results of this game, the JV boys soccer team has a promising chance to advance far this season.