The freshmen girls team knows what it takes

Bailey Egan, Print Staff

   The Freshmen girls basketball B-team faced Crown Point High School on Thursday, Jan. 16, at home. The girls were defeated with a score of 18-23.

   Even though the girls didn’t come out with a win, the girls say that their bond helps them during the game.

   “I love bonding with my teammates. It builds a stronger relationship on and off the court,” Aneisah Gail (9) said.  

   The team also works to achieve a common goal, which is winning, and they know what they need to do to reach it. 

   “We just want to win, and in order to win, we have to work harder and not make mistakes with the basketball,” Gail said.

   As the season goes on, the girls learn how to become better, which will help them reach their goal.  

   “I realized that in order to be a team, you have to work together. It can’t be just one person doing all of the work,” Gail said.

   The girls will go up against Hanover Central on Wednesday, Jan. 22, at home.