Review: The Morning Show


The Morning Show is an inside view of the life of being a broadcast journalist and how many journalists learn how difficult the spotlight really is. It empowers women journalists and shows how strong they are.

Colleen Dyra, Print Staff

   The Morning Show is an episode series that talks about the broadcasting culture of two American classics on national television. Suddenly one day, Alex Levy finds out that her co-partner, Mitch Kessler, is fired for sexual misconduct in the workplace of the Morning Show, which was devastating not only to the Morning Show, but America was also mourning the loss of Kessler. Levy was frustrated, upset and depressed about losing Kessler. They have been together for fifteen years, and they had a super special bond with each other. 

    Since the incident happened, they needed to hire someone else for the higher position. Bradley Jackson was a conservitive journalist from West Virginia. She was at a coal mine protest to cover the story, and apparently there was an angry protester that attacked Bradley and explained in an aggressive way why coal is super toxic to the environment. Someone was recording the event that happened, and it got across the country, including the Morning Show. The next day, Alex interviewed Bradley about the occurrence that happened, and after the interview, the producer was super impressed about her performance and viewers too.  They had invited her to the National Journalism Award Ceremony. Suddenly she ran into Alex and had a standoff at the dinner table with the rest of the Morning Show producers. Out of the blue, while Alex was accepting her award, she was going to announce her new co-partner, which is Bradley Jackson. Everyone was shocked and confused at the same time, and didn’t know what to do because Alex does not have co-anchor approval.

   Although Alex and Bradley had a rough start, they became closer in a little amount of time. They had some rough patches against the network with TMS and the co-founder Fred, who kept women silent while the Mitch Kessler scandal was going on to prevent any more tabloids. Anna, the communications director, was involved in the sexual misconduct with Mitch Kessler and it was really uncomfortable. Since people didn’t take her serious she took her own life. Alex and Bradley had to do something, so they went against the network, they explained that sexual harassment assault is not okay and stood up for all the women who had been a part of horrible incidents that happened. It was an emotional process for them and the network. Fred and the founders were all fired and got justice at the end for their friend Anna.