Ford v Ferrari review


Matt Gacek, Print Staff

   Ford v Ferrari is a movie that was directed by James Mangold. The movie was released on Nov. 15, 2019. It starred academy winning actors Chirstian Bale and Matt Damon as the movie’s protagonists.  After it was released many claimed that the movie was the best automotive movie ever released.

    The movie depicted the real life, true story of when Ford motors wanted to compete against automaker Ferrari in the legendary 24 hours of Le Monte race. It followed the story of automotive visionary Carrol Shelby and British race car driver Ken Miles as they tried to innovate and make a car fast enough and durable enough to beat Ferrari in the race. The movie showed the friendship that Shelby and Miles shared, and how they both had a vision to push the car to the limit. The movie also showed how Ford motors was led by lobbyist who made it difficult for the pair to innovate their car because the company was worried about public perception.

   Not only does the movie draw the audience in with it’s well-written story, but it also makes the audience feel like they’re actually witnessing something magnificent happen. Through the movie’s killer cinematics, the shots really draw the viewers in. The actors also didn’t disappoint, Matt Damon and Christian Bale both played their characters very well. For anyone looking for a good movie to watch, Ford v Ferrari will not disappoint.