Q&A: Sydney Doloszycki (10)


Sydney Doloszycki (10) sprints to the base. She played for Varsity and a travel softball team. Photo submitted by: Sydney Doloszycki (10)

Cori Lollis, Print Staff

   Q: How and why did you get started in softball?

   A: “My parents made me go out to softball with my friend. I actually like gymnastics. I did a year of t-ball when I was seven, so I was old doing t-ball, and I hit bombs so I loved it. I really loved gymnastics, so I was bummed when I had to stop.”


   Q: What motivates you?

   A: “My parents. They push me to do everything.”


   Q: Who do you look up to?

   A: “I look up to my parents. They are good role models.”


   Q: What was it like playing Varsity last year as a freshman?

   A: “It felt the same as playing softball for travel. Everybody is nice on the team.”


   Q: How is playing for Varsity different from travel softball?

   A: “Competition. You don’t travel very far. You get closer with the girls I feel because [in] travel the girls don’t live near you.”


   Q: What are your expectations for this season?

   A: “I expect us to make it to state. That’s what I think we can do. We have good pitchers, and we can just hold our own. We just keep hitting and we have good defense.”


   Q: What are your goals for softball:

   A: “I want to make the All State team. I want to play in college.”