Q&A: Madison Zielke (11)


Madison Zielke’s (11) dad, a paramedic for Superior, poses with the decorations in front of their house. He’s giving a friendly reminder to everyone that drives by to wear masks and gloves and to stay safe.

Hailey Prasopoulos, Print Team Leader

Q: What occupation and where do your parents work?

A: “My mom is an ICU nurse at Ingalls and my dad is a paramedic at Superior.”


Q: How has their job changed since the pandemic?
A: “Both of their jobs are a lot busier during the pandemic for sure. My dad has to get his temperature taken before going into the hospitals and before leaving. My mom has to wear scrubs from the hospital along with a mask all day. When she goes into a room with a patient she has to wear a gown and gloves and another mask. They added new rules to not only keep the patients safe as possible, but also all the doctors and nurses because they have families to go home to.”

Q: Since your parents play such an important role in our community, would you eventually want to follow in their footsteps in the future? Why?
A: “What my parents go through everyday really opened my eyes to what I want to do in the future. I definitely want to do something in the medical field. If i could help out right now i would honestly. Watching my mom go through everything she does at work just makes me appreciate her and what she does 100 times more than I already did.”


Q: What are your thoughts about your parents risking their lives everyday going into work?
A: “It’s scary when you think about how they could get sick by working, but I try to just remember that they aren’t sick and are protected from people who really need help to get better. They are extremely brave and doing a job that has to be done. I’m very proud of them.”


Q: What extra precautions are you and your family doing at home to stay safe?
A: “My parents try to go to stores when they have first responder hours so they aren’t putting other people at potential risk. We also disinfect our cars and wallets if we do have to go out in public. If we ever go out to the store we make sure to wear masks covering our nose and use hand sanitizer when we are done.”


Q: If you could say one message to our community about the stay at home order and just staying safe, what would you tell people? 

A: “Social distancing is the most important part of staying safe and healthy, especially right now. You can make the best out of staying home. You can find a lot of things to do while you are staying safe and not put others at risk. Take up a new hobby, get ahead in school etc. If you really miss your friends just FaceTime them. You can still go for a walk or get some exercise, just do it by yourself or with your family. Don’t hang out with friends because you’re putting everyone at risk if you do so. It just takes one person to start speaking it. Social distancing should be a bigger deal than everyone is treating it. If people are constantly getting out of their houses and hanging out with people the better chance we won’t have a summer. Don’t ruin that for everyone, stay home and stay healthy.”