The Club for the Community Cause

Ines Caballes, Comet Editor in Chief

 The Student Council held a callout meeting on September 10th in room C207 to discuss the upcoming year. E-learners were attending through a Google Meet and were able to participate through the screen. This year’s sponsor, Ms. Rachel Calderone, English, is a newcomer to the school and was in the student council growing up. “Student council is about being service-based, but also building skills that help you out in the real world. I use skills that I had built upon during high school in student council every day, and it really does help you become a better adult in the future,” Calderone said.

   The upcoming election on the 24th is the club’s current focus, as elected officers will help run the future club meetings more efficiently. The four positions are president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. During the meeting, Ms. Calderone explained the leadership roles and encouraged students to sign up to run as soon as possible.


  “I feel like [COVID-19] might prevent some things, but as long as we work together, we could probably work around them,” Courtney Cruz (10) said. 


   The club is united around one common goal: to help the community. With all these new regulations, coming up with fundraising ideas could be a challenge. One of the biggest fundraisers of the year, the Angel Tree, might be difficult as well, as it deals with physical monetary and supply donations. However, the student council isn’t ready to give it up just yet.


   “If we could somehow get the money, then I think Angel Tree this year will be more meaningful because a lot of families are impacted economically and emotionally [because of recent events],” Thao Nguyen (12) said.


   For more information about Student Council, upcoming meetings, elections, and more contact Ms. Calderone at [email protected].