Indians defeat the Wildcats on Senior Night

Mia Born, Web Content Editor

On Nov. 13, the girls basketball team competed against the Hanover Wildcats. Due to COVID-19 and all the restrictions, it was decided that the girls would have their senior night at their first game of the season. In past years, senior night was the last home game of their season. 

“It was very weird having our senior night as the first home game. The overall experience wasn’t the same as it would’ve been, but [I am] still very grateful we had one in general,” Abby Oedze (12) said.

Precautions have become more serious, but the girls are adjusting and doing what they can to keep everyone safe. The girls are required to wear masks on the bench and sit 6 feet apart.

“We have to wear masks entering and leaving school, and when we go back on the bench at a game we have to sit on certain green dots to space out and put our masks on right away,” Tiana Morales (12) said.

Although the girls won their first game they believe communication is something they have to work on for their upcoming games. The final score of the game was 69-24. 

“After the first game I thought our team had to work on communicating way more. We needed to tell each other screens were coming, when to switch and what defense we were in,” Jennifer Tomasic (12) said.