Sweet and Spicy: Review of Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut


The Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut has cayenne and ghost pepper infused in its icing. The red sprinkles helped portray a “hot” effect for the donut.

Maya Gorney, print staff

When thinking of Dunkin’ Donuts, one might think of a vanilla or chocolate donut, maybe even strawberry or pumpkin, but what about ghost pepper? Dunkin’ decided to release a donut that was unlike any donut they have sold before. It came out just in time for Halloween and the fall season. This donut is called the Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut. It packs a spicy kick with every bite. With a normal yeast donut ring, the spice is all tracked down to the icing. This icing is strawberry flavored but with a twist. It contains ghost pepper and cayenne pepper. These spices make the donut unlike the sweet fruit or chocolate flavored donuts that are often bought from customers. 

When a bite is first taken, it seems like it is just any normal strawberry donut. It is not until seconds later when the spice starts to come out. The spicy slowly grows more and more intense while eating the donut. This makes for a unique eating experience. In the United States spice is not common in dessert foods, so this donut helped diversify the menu at Dunkin’.

Overall, this donut was spicier than I thought it would be, and the flavor combination of sweet strawberry and ghost pepper was very interesting. I would not recommend this donut to someone who dislikes spicy food. Though I would recommend trying this donut at least once for the experience if spice is not an issue, but make sure to try it quickly. This donut leaves the menu in December.