Working at Spirit Halloween: Q&A


Sophia Textor (11) sits in the back room on her break at Spirit Halloween. She also held another job at this time at Cold Stone.

Jackson Novak, Design editor

Q: What was it like working at Spirit Halloween?

A: “It was really fun I had a good time and it was unique because it was only for a short time.“

Q: Did you like working there?

A: “Yes. I did I really enjoyed it.” 

Q: How long did you work there?

A: “Only about a month since it closed right after Halloween.” 

Q: How do they stop operation after Halloween?

A: “The employees take down everytbing in the store and box it up to be used for the next Halloween season.” 

Q: What was the most interesting thing that happened while working there?

A: “I once saw someone spend $1200 on Halloween decorations.”

Q: Would you work there again?

A: “Yes. I would like to work there again for next year’s Halloween season.” 

Q: Was spirit the only job you held or did you work more simultaneously? 

A: “I worked at Cold Stone while also working at Spirit, so I held two jobs.” 

Q: Compared to other jobs, would you say you liked this one more or less?

A: “Spirit was the best job I’ve ever had. It’s probably the only job I’ve genuinely liked.” 

Q: Would you want to work another job seasonally?

A: “Yes. I like the way the shifts can be set up to work two jobs and working two jobs is only temporary because of the seasonality.” 

Q: Was the pay better than other jobs you’ve had if you’ve had any?

A: “Yes. It was $9 an hour and went up to $12 the week of Halloween.”