Showing Appreciation

Olivia Figg, Print staff

The Junior Class Cabinet had a meeting on Dec. 16 to create teacher appreciation cards. The students wrote whatever they wanted to a teacher of their choice. Strong word choice and detailed decoration was encouraged as students wanted to show their teachers how much they truly appreciate what they do. Clarissa Moreno (11) enjoys being a part of the cabinet, because it’s the little things they do for people around the school that brings her back to each meeting.   ¨I like being able to get involved with the school and getting to know new people. I get to hear their input on things that I wouldn’t get to in actual class,¨ Moreno said. 

As prom and formal roll around, in years past the Junior Class Cabinet has been in charge of those. Now, with the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, those plans have been halted. However, the planning and organization of these events is something that some members really love. Kimmy Hestermann enjoys coming up with new ideas and being in charge of something important.   ¨I like being able to do whatever we want, since we can make up new ideas and make something out of the club ourselves. Everyone is really open to new ideas, and I have gotten to interact with the staff more than ever before,¨ Hestermann said. 

Every club includes a teacher sponsor. These teachers often have an interest in the club itself, as well as getting to know more students. Mrs. Allison Peda, English, is in her 12th year of sponsoring Junior Class Cabinet. She started her second year of teaching, and knows the ins and outs of the cabinet. 

¨It gave me a chance to get involved and know more students than usual. My favorite part about this is getting to know kids that I don’t have in class,¨ Peda said. 

Creating teacher appreciation cards was just one of the many things that the Junior Class Cabinet worked on. There are always open spots to become involved.