Fashion Changes


Emma Rodriguez, Print Staff

2020 was a year of trends and fashion. From TikTok to Instagram, social media has had an impact on fashion in one way or another. Staying at home for most of 2020 has made social media more prominent in our day-to-day lives; because of this, fashion has become more influential to teens around the world. The social media app TikTok definitely had a major impact with the fashion this year. 


Fashion has changed drastically during 2020. Fashion has become more of a way for people to express themselves, whether that be earrings that people wear, shoes or just a shirt. In the beginning of the year, tie-dye was a big trend. Whether it was dying it or buying it already, tie- dye was the thing to wear. Many people tie-dyed their clothing with bleach or just regular dying coloring.


In the middle of the year, wearing funky pants, such as prints or rips, and pastel clothes was a hit. Many people designed the pants and clothes themselves. People painted, stitched or just created their pants and clothes with these designs by themselves. Painting an article of clothing is also a trend to do with Individuals painted signs, movie and tv characters or just painted very simple designs on the clothing to express themselves. Later on in the middle of the year, dresses were also a big thing. People bought dresses, of any design, to wear.


Later on in 2020, the fashion styles were vintage clothing and corsets. Individuals would go thrift shopping for any kind of article clothing that was at least vintage to make multiple outfits with. Finally, closing out of the year 2020, fashion brought back corsets. These would be all colors and designs, and usually paired with high waisted jeans and a jacket of some sort.


Throughout 2020 there were alot of different styles that someone would usually never expect. This surprised some people,as it made the fashion styles a whole lot bigger to express yourself.