Big stakes, bigger success

Icyss Meredith, Team Leader

   The boys Varsity basketball game was a huge success after the suspense-ridden game. The packed gym and rowdy student section made the boys feel supported for their intense game. This game was important because of the impact it would have on the region conference as we topped Crown Point off of the win. 

   “[We] watched a film, got a game plan and stuck with it. I think as a team we played really good,gotta clean up a few mistakes, and as for myself I think I played alright, had a couple nice shots, but was really happy with my defense (three steals),” Myles Yetich (10) said. 

   The 62-57 win placed Lake Central at number five and officially higher than Crown Point. Although this win is towards the end of the season, the basketball team thinks it’ll get even better. 

   “[The game] was a big deal [because] it’s a rival school, [but] I feel like we played well and I did as well. I feel like this [win will] give us good confidence to go out and win more games,” Brandon Escobedo (10) said.  

   Although this was not the first game with a student section present, a Friday night turnout is always superior, and the packed student section intensified the stakes for this game. 

   “It was a big deal, but we had confidence and knew we were gonna do [our] thing. The crowd makes everything better, [and the] intensity is way better,” Yetich said.